Divorced for My Armpits

** This is a custom I decided to share. No names were used **

You’re so obsessed with my armpits, but it’s time to take it to the next level. Your life is going to drastically change. You are going to sell EVERYTHING – including that wedding ring! In fact, you are going to divorce your wife so you can both be my slaves. Not only will you get the honor of living with me, you’ll also be my toilet slaves. Licking and cleaning whatever I tell you, you two really are lucky.

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New Foot Slave – Your Wife

“** This was a custom request. No names were used **

I’m tired of you spending so much money on your wife, when you could be spending that on Me. But no, I don’t want you to divorce her, then she gets half. I have a much better plan. I’m going to make your wife My foot slave, too! She will be collared and coerced to worship My feet whenever and wherever I want. Everyone will know she’s owned by owned by Me. Doesn’t that sound great?”

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