Tips for Betas: How to Deal With Rejection

Good thing you have me in your life. I’m here to help you through your pathetic beta existence. Something you know a LOT about is rejection! But you aren’t sure how to handle it. That’s why I’m here. You want to be the best beta you can be. Take my advice and maybe you won’t be a complete bottom feeder.

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Summer Suck Off Challenge

I’m sure you have an idea of this challenge from the title. But you’re going to be a good slut for me this summer. All of July and August, I want you to suck as MUCH dick as possible. I want you to be a filthy slut, swallowing cum, getting facials, etc. Don’t you think it’s going to be hot seeing just how much dick you can suck for me this summer? It’s a win-win. You get to suck dick, you get to impress me. Your summer is going to be full of cock and I know you can’t wait to see how high your number climbs.

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How To: Sissy Masturbation

Hey sissy! Since I locked you up, you’ve just been getting more and more frustrated. I think it’s time you cum…. but you’re not going to be cumming like a man. Keep that dick locked up, put on a pair of panties, and grab a hitachi. You’re going to be cumming like a sissy today. You’re gonna make a mess in those panties. Just turn the hitachi on and tease your balls and little dicklet. I know you’re so horny you’re constantly leaking cum. I don’t care if it’s a ruined orgasm, this is going to be the only way you get to cum from now on.

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Special Visitor for Haley

“* This is a custom clip. Name used: Haley*

Hey Haley! Aren’t you glad I invited your sis over? We had such a fun day! She even brought you some cute new outfits. Only, you made it kinda awkward when your hot college friends came over to visit you. You weren’t exactly quiet about what you were all doing in your room. Oh well, now she knows ALL about your slutty sissy life!

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** You’re Not A Man, You’re A Sissy!
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** You’re Not A Man, You’re A Sissy! part 3
** Visiting Home – as a Sissy
** Harley to Haley
** Special Visitor for Haley “

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Harley to Haley

** This is a custom I decided to share – Name used: Harley/Haley **

That visit to see your fam again was so much fun! And you were worried about them meeting your new boyfriend. So silly. But now that we’re back, we have a few things to go over. Your transformation isn’t done yet, and I want every last piece of masculinity gone from you.

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You’re Not A Man, You’re A Sissy! Part 3

“**This is a custom I decided to share. Name used: Harley**

You’ve been such a good sissy slut, Harley! I snuck a camera in the room while you had your dream night with my hot friend. The way he used you and fucked you was perfect. You’re a natural. He also told me how pleased he was with your slutty performance. A good way to lose your virginity, yes? Since you did such a good job, you get to find out your reward! Are you excited?”

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You’re Not A Man, You’re A Sissy! Part 2

“** This is a custom I decided to share. Name used: Harley **

Hey Harley! Now that we went shopping and got all your supplies, you can really start living your new life full-time. Hair, makeup, dresses, heels – everything. Every single day. And don’t forget the chastity cage! But you can’t just LOOK the part. In fact, I’ve prepared for your next step. A little slut-in-training like you needs to practice her skills – and that’s exactly what you’re going to be doing. I’m sure just telling you about my hot friend is going to get that dick twitching in those panties, so I planned for him to come over! Just FYI ~ if you do a good job, there is a special reward for you!”

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Armpit Slaves

** This is a custom I decided to share. No names **

Hey loser! I know you can’t help but drool over my armpits, but just having you as my slave isn’t enough. I want more. I want your wife to serve me as well. Both of you are going to be my armpit addicts – so pathetic and so helpless for such perfection.

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New Foot Slave – Your Wife

“** This was a custom request. No names were used **

I’m tired of you spending so much money on your wife, when you could be spending that on Me. But no, I don’t want you to divorce her, then she gets half. I have a much better plan. I’m going to make your wife My foot slave, too! She will be collared and coerced to worship My feet whenever and wherever I want. Everyone will know she’s owned by owned by Me. Doesn’t that sound great?”

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