Hey! How’s your summer going? I know you love going out with your friends and trying to hook up with girls. But that’s something we need to talk about. Your tiny shrimp dick has disappointed enough girls in your pathetic life. So while you can go out with your friends, I don’t want you even attempting to kiss a girl, let alone bring one home. The only action your disgusting inchworm is going to get is from your two fingers..or a pair of tweezers!

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She Can’t Feel You

You think your dick is magically average because you have a girlfriend?! No, it’s not. She can’t even feel that thing inside her. She has to touch herself during sex and even that doesn’t help, because the thought of your itty bitty worm inside her is such a turn off. In fact, even if you were big enough to satisfy her, I bet you wouldn’t last long enough to make her cum. So stroke for me beta, let’s see if that embarrassing excuse for a cock can last LOL

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Average Is Still Too Small

That’s right. Your cock is what, 4-6 inches? Yawn. Average is annoying. At least when a guy has a microdick, a girl KNOWS it’s going to do nothing. But yours. As soon as you start fucking a girl, she feels that disappointment. She knows you aren’t big enough. You’re too small to hit all the spots she’s used to. Anyone who says it’s big is lying and trying to spare your feelings. You’ll never be big enough – make sure to remind yourself of that every day. You’re welcome.

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Humiliating Tasks for Shrimp Dicks

You can finally put that shrimp dick to use – by entertaining me! I want you to gain some perspective on just how tiny you are. You are going to be grabbing every day objects and putting them next to your dick to see just how small you are! And taking a picture of it to send to me, of course. It’s always fun to make you realize just how small you really are.

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Special Visitor for Haley

“* This is a custom clip. Name used: Haley*

Hey Haley! Aren’t you glad I invited your sis over? We had such a fun day! She even brought you some cute new outfits. Only, you made it kinda awkward when your hot college friends came over to visit you. You weren’t exactly quiet about what you were all doing in your room. Oh well, now she knows ALL about your slutty sissy life!

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** Visiting Home – as a Sissy
** Harley to Haley
** Special Visitor for Haley “

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Harley to Haley

** This is a custom I decided to share – Name used: Harley/Haley **

That visit to see your fam again was so much fun! And you were worried about them meeting your new boyfriend. So silly. But now that we’re back, we have a few things to go over. Your transformation isn’t done yet, and I want every last piece of masculinity gone from you.

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You’re Not A Man, You’re A Sissy! Part 3

“**This is a custom I decided to share. Name used: Harley**

You’ve been such a good sissy slut, Harley! I snuck a camera in the room while you had your dream night with my hot friend. The way he used you and fucked you was perfect. You’re a natural. He also told me how pleased he was with your slutty performance. A good way to lose your virginity, yes? Since you did such a good job, you get to find out your reward! Are you excited?”

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You’re Not A Man, You’re A Sissy!

“** This is a custom I decided to share. Name used: Harley **

You don’t look like a man at all. Short, feminine features, and of course, a tiny shrimp dick. You’ve never fucked a girl, and everyone knows LOL. You need to stop living this lie. From now on, you’re going be dressing up like a woman. Embrace your feminine side. Since you can’t please women, you’re going to be pleasing men. You’re going to be a cocksucking faggot for me. Your new life is going to be so much more exciting, don’t you think?”

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You Aren’t An Alpha

You’re not fooling anyone. You;re not an alpha. You are just a pathetic beta trying SO hard to act like one. Everyone can tell. They know you’ve never kissed a girl, let alone fucked one. All talk, no action. But it’s not just that you’re a virgin, you have a tiny dick, too. No guy would be trying as hard as you to prove something LOL. Or maybe you’re trying to scare girls off on purpose so they can’t confirm you do have a shrimp dick? If that’s the case, it’s working! Guys don’t even want to talk to you. Congratulations on being a top level loser.

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Disappointing Date

I’m so glad we waited before sleeping together! It’s nice making it special, don’t you think? The perfect Valentine’s Day! Now come on, I got changed into something sexy, now it’s your turn… wait, are you nervous or something? Soft? NO?!! It’s SO small! I mean I’ve been with smaller guys, but this…wow. I really should have listened to my friends..they always said you shouldn’t wait too long before fucking..because…this could happen.

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Small Dick == Cum Eater

Hey shrimp dick! I know how much you love tugging on that little thing, so you’ll get to stroke today. You’ll even get to cum! Only one catch – since you’re so small, and no girl will ever want to even give you a blowjob, you’re going to taste your own cum!

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Wanna Make A Bet?

I can tell you want to sleep with Me. The desperation is so obvious. You know I deserve at LEAST an average sized cock, which means your dick isn’t going to cut it. But I’m feeling generous…let’s make a bet – I bet I can make you cum in under 2 minutes.If you last longer than that, you can sleep with Me. Simple, right? All you have to do is follow my jerk off instructions…and stare at My feet. Ha, your tiny cock doesn’t haven’t a chance. Your little dick explodes so fast. I can keep making this bet, and you’ll keep losing LOL

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SPH // Pool Party

Hey! So glad I could talk to you inside. I noticed you were staring at me and my friends laying by the pool. You were practically drooling! So gross, you do realize you can’t do that right? It’s super creepy…..I bet you’re hard right now, look at you squirming. Pull your shorts down right now and prove it. LOL WAIT is that it? Are you even hard? Where is the rest of it? That tiny thing is so fucking funny, what is the point of it. I can’t wait to tell all my friends, you’re going to be the laughing stock of the party.

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Short Guys Suck

Seriously – short girls don’t want you, tall girls don’t want you. One look at you and you’re immediately friendzoned…if you’re that lucky LOL. The only use you have is your wallet…..and maybe using your head as an armrest. Be prepared to make up for your pathetic height, loser.

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Minimum Requirements

That little worm between your legs is never going to satisfy anyone. So stupid of you to think you have a chance. Do you even know what an adequate cock looks like? I don’t think you do. Let’s see how you measure up to this toy.

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My Heels Are Bigger

You want to sleep with Me? Well, pull down your pants and let’s see if you can impress Me…LOL really? You think that little thing is going anywhere near Me? My heels are bigger than your tiny little shrimp dick. I mean…pretty much everything else is, too. Why don’t you stroke for Me..let’s see how long you last. I bet your cock won’t even last the whole clip.

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Little Dicklet’s Vacation

You don’t know why I’m mad? You should! No, it’s not because you took me to a nude beach today…. it’s because you’ve been lying about your cock. No way that thing is average. Compared to the guys we saw today, that thing is WAAAAAY below the average cock. Since you were trying so hard to convince me your cock was adequate, when you knew it wasn’t, I have a fun final evening planned for us. One of those guys from the beach is coming up to our room…don’t worry, you’re staying.

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Tips for Micro Dicks

I’ll be completely honest with you and tell you exactly how useless your tiny little inchworm is. But don’t worry – I’ll also give you some super helpful tips to keep in mind in case you happen to get lucky with a girl. Even if you never have the chance, knowledge is good, right?!

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